World’s oldest helmet company

Founded in 1919 Lazer, or cross SA as it was called back then was active in the motorcycle industry. It all started with Roger Lacroix who made leather articles for motorcycle riders. These items went from gloves to hats. In 1930 Roger made the first rigid leather hat, which was predecessor for the modern helmet. In 1945 the company went commercial and started selling their products on a larger scale. From there on R&D became an important part of the company, which led to a first aluminum helmet in 1948. Innovations rapidly followed each other and over the course of 20 years the helmets evolved from thermoplastic shells to injected full face helmets which passed all safety standards.

In 1980 the company decided to keep up with the times and changed their name to the now famous ‘Lazer’. The name change was part of an effort to renew and reshape the company to keep up with modern times and technology. During that period laser technology was just starting to surface, and it was the hip new thing with a bright future.  Shortly after the name change, they again started with something that was coming up at that time, and started a bicycle division. Using their motor helmet knowhow they made the best bicycling helmets on the market. It didn’t take long for Lazer to team up with champions like Eddy Merckx and use their input to improve the bicycle helmets.

Over the course of the nineties Lazer expanded their bicycle range and provided many of the greatest cyclists in history with superb helmets. Together with an expanding collection and improving products came international success. The Lazer brand quickly became available throughout Europe.

When new technologies developed and materials evolved Lazer was at the forefront of innovation. They were always among the first to try out new ways of production and materials. This curious attitude towards innovation led to creative products like time trial helmets with build in visors and a new, revolutionary fitting system called Rollsys®.

Together with a growing market for bicycle related products Lazer decided to branch out into new product categories. Staying true to the core business of ‘head protection’ Lazer decided to create a revolutionary eyewear system that was completely complementary to the cycling helmet. Resolving some of the issues traditional eyewear has, the Magneto was born. This was the start of the Lazer vision division and the birth of an entire eyewear collection.

Looking beyond cycling Lazer also ventured into the ski- and snowboard market at the beginning of 2012. And now has a full collection of helmets for winter sports.

Innovation ahead!