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Think about your current helmet; now imagine it lighter, with a more comfortable fit system, better ventilation, an additional aeroshell and improved side impact protection. That is what the Lazer Z1 offers.

Trials rider and Lazer Helmeteer Kenny Beleay performs at the Golden State Warriors Half Time Show in his Red Bull Special Edition Armor Helmet!

Lazer is proud to support Kenny Beleay!

You can find more details about the Lazer Armor helmet on our website here!

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Boring meeting rooms don't inspire people to great ideas…Brainstorm sessions are just better outside, doing what you love.

That's why Lazer decided to hold our annual Lazer days meeting at the canary island Lanzarote. All Lazer employees and a selected group of partners flew to the La Santa Sports Club to enjoy a few days of riding and meetings in a relaxed setting.

Every day started with a group ride to some of the most beautiful locations the island has to offer. After the ride we gathered for group presentations and meetings to discuss the future of Lazer. And the December sun did wonders for the creativity and results as this was one of the most successful meetings we had.

The choice for Lanzarote was obvious since it used to be the residence of Lazer owner Sean van Waes when he was a young aspiring triathlete. He acted as the local guide showing the group to some of the most interesting spots that are not in tourist guides.

On to the next Lazer days!

All-in-all the fit, shape and comfort elements are present for our tester’s head, but we recommend visiting the local bike shop to check out and feel the helmet for yourself, everyone’s head is shaped different.

Read the full review at Road Bike Action and see more details on the Z1 helmet on our website!

Lazer congratulates Wiggle Honda rider Elisa Longo Borghini on her win at the 2015 Tour of Flanders! Lazer is proud to support the Wiggle Honda Professional Team with Z1 Helmets and Lazer Eyewear!

Read more about Borghini's win on the Wiggle Honda team website and see more about the Lazer Z1 and Lazer Eyewear on our wesbite!

Lotto Soudal Ladies Professional Team: Ready for 2015!

Lotto Soudal uses the Lazer Z1 Helmet!

Cyclists who want to monitor and improve their performance cannot ignore their heart rate and other vital functions. Your personal heart rate provides a window to an individual’s fitness and athletic ability.

Why should you measure your heart rate?

When you keep track of your heart rate during your exercise, you will be able to ensure the safety of your fitness program. Everybody has a range of heart beat which is considered normal, if you go beyond the normal range, you are going beyond the safety parameters of your workout. If this is the case, you should slow down gradually and then take a rest.

Another good reason to record your heart rate during exercise is to gauge your progress. When you monitor your heart rate and it does not go above your resting heart rate, you will know that you're not working hard enough. This will help you adjust your workout to ensure that you will get favorable results from it. 

The most common way of tracking your heart beat is by using a chest strap. Computers, Smartphones, watches and other modern communication tools can all connect to the chest strap to tell you your heart beat. But what if that chest straps starts to feel annoying, or maybe the straps chafe and irritate you.

This can all be solved with the Smart system. This is a collaboration between Lazer and Lifebeam. A sensor is placed within the existing head band of the helmet and communicates with a processing unit at the back of the helmet. The processing unit can transmit this data to any modern communication device to tell you what your heart rate is. This eliminates the need for a chest strap and lets you monitor your heart rate with the helmet you would normally wear anyway.

A coffee or beer after a long ride is the perfect way to relax and discuss your performance or the events of that day with your buddies. But where do you leave that helmet?!

You can lay it on the table, hang it on your bike/ski's or even keep it on your head, but none of those solutions are really optimal. And how do you secure your bike or ski's without carrying a lock everywhere you ride?

You want to store your helmet somewhere and not have to look over your shoulder every five minutes to check if your bike or ski's are still there. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to store your helmet and lock your gear safely at the same time?!

That problem is now solved with the arrival of the Cappuccinolock.

The Cappuccinolock is a revolutionary way to lock your bike or ski's using only your helmet straps. Slide the male part of your buckle into the lock on one side and connect the female part of your buckle on the other side of the lock. Twist the numbers to ensure the lock can't open and relax while you have your coffee.

Lazer is proud to present the latest and greatest in its product promotion: the Plasterman series. This is a video series about the Lazer Stunt guys ‘Mike Plasterman’ and ‘Juan Disasterplan’.

Lazer brings its products to a higher level by innovations of all kind, always staying ahead of the competition. This vision will now be applied in the testing of our products. Aside from extensive conventional testing, conform to what the market expects, Lazer is now introducing ‘Extreme Testing’. For this purpose they have hired the Lazer Stunt guys ‘Mike Plasterman’ and his loyal assistant ‘Juan Disasterplan’.

Every week for a four week period the stunt guys will be testing a new Lazer product or technology. Expect to see them do extreme tests for: the Aeroshell, the Cappuccinolock, The Magneto and Rollsys system. 

Building on the idea of the Aeroshell (cover for our cycling helmets) we designed the Color Chic. This removable shell snaps on and off the Tempted helmet just like an Aeroshell.

But contrary to the Aeroshell the Color Chic has no real performance advantage.

The idea here is to quickly change the look of your helmet so you can always match it to your outfit. Everybody has more than one jacket to go into the mountains, but nobody carries more than one helmet around. So every once in a while you create a mismatch between your jacket and helmet, but not anymore.

The Color Chic shell allows for a quick color customization to keep you in style. Because everybody wants to be color coordinated on the mountain.